Artist Statement

We design and make handbags of stainless steel mesh. It is most beautiful material, highly industrial and rarely seen, mostly hidden deep down in the filtering systems. We are very proud to bring it to daylight so everyone can see and appreciate it.

Since nobody makes anything of it, we had to develop our own techniques and methods. There are no classes or books that would teach you how to make objects from stainless steel mesh. It took us years before we started to feel comfortable about this very demanding material and longer we work with it, more we discover: new properties, new applications and new ways to achieve unexpected effects. We are fascinated by stainless steel mesh after all these years no less than in the first days of our adventure.

We call our line The Opera Collection; it consists of some 60 models named after famous operas. All work from design to the finishing touches is done in our Los Angeles workshop.

Several grades of stainless steel wire mesh are used: from the fine one with the appearance and feel of silk to the rigid one that serves mostly as support. 23K gold leaf, copper or brass mesh add color accents.
Special effects are achieved by various treatments involving ultrasounds, oxidization by high temperature, pressure. In most models, multiple layers of mesh are used to create a moiré effect.

Combination of models and finishes offers more than 2500 variations in this exclusive collection.


All our stainless steel products block
unauthorized transmission from RFID
enabled credit cards and IDs.


Photos by: Bozenna Bogucka, Lukasz Bogucki, Eduardo Piotraszewski